Wintermoot Volume One (TPB)

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Lik'ae Tse' Tsass (Fish head Soup; Comics) presents the first trade edition of Nathan Shafer's multimedia science fiction comic book Wintermoot. An Alaskan adventure spanning 100,000 years, across the local group and into several of it's myriad verses and realities.

It begins with an Inupiaq cyberpunk tale featuring the mother-daughter duo: Aqpik and Mars Apple, as they explore Cyberingia, fight crime in Arctic City and save the world from the five simultaneous rpocalupse scenarios. It will eventually end with Mars Apple and Shannon Entropy on a watery Superearth in Barnard's star sytem.

Until then, Arete and Anthrome gey lost in the Cryoverse while pursuing the unpredictable villain, Blood Snow Pioneer.

Collect Wintermoot books one through four.

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