Treaty Trading Cards

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Designed and created in collaboration with the US National Archive and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, the Treaty Trading Cards feature 24 cards illustrating and illuminating the various treaties between Indigenous People and the colonial powers in the Americas.

Featuring original art by Dale Deforest (Diné), Amanda Blackburn (Diné), EJ Miller-Larson (Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin), Eric Wilder (Kashaya Band of Pomo Indians), Chad Yellowjohn (Shoshone), Colleen Gorman (Diné), Frankie Jo Morin (Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa) these cards were designed and created by Anna Naruta-Moya, PhD (Slavic and Multi-racial/multi-ethnic family); Lee Francis IV, PhD (Pueblo of Laguna); and Sherri Thomas, JD (Taos Pueblo and African American).

The Treaties Trading Cards provide a starting point to explore events and the relationships between the U.S. and Native Nations. Each card features a QR code that allows you to explore the original documents and learn more about each treaty in further detail!

Order your cards today and explore more of the original documents at!

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