The Legends of Wandering Bear

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Thousands of years ago in the first native village in North America live the people of Earth Mother, led by Gray Wolf, a great leader, hunter, craftsman, and father. His son, Wandering Bear is a spirited, sometimes rebellious twelve-year-old who has been without a mother since he was young and enjoys playing with his four close friends more than anything.

After Wandering Bear decides he wants to become the finest hunter to provide for his family and people, his father does his best to make his son happy by traveling to find materials to create a bow and arrows and fashioning a knife and other tools. Wandering Bear, who opts not to help his father, is soon counseled by the Great Spirit Bird who begins teaching him valuable lessons in honor, respect, and consequence. But as he sets out to fulfill his thirst for adventure and matures into a young man, now only time will tell if Wandering Bear will ultimately come to understand the sacred truths that bind all people to Earth Mother.

The Legends of Wandering Bear is the tale of a Native American boy as he is guided to build good character and become connected to Earth Mother.

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