Te Ata: Chickasaw Storyteller - American Treasure: Collector's Edition

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The definitive biography of one of history's most famous Chickasaws is re-introduced by Chickasaw Press in hardcover as a collector's edition. Te Ata, born Mary Frances Thompson, earned international acclaim for employing her talents as a performer in the interpretations of traditional stories, many of them given to her by her father, and many collected from other Native tribes and traditions. She used her performances, and the recognition they brought her, to build lasting bridges of cultural understanding and acceptance. Her name became known throughout the United States, and her performances and interests compelled her to become a veteran world traveler. Author Richard Green also touches on the private side of Te Ata's life, including the intrigue of her early relationship with Clyde Fisher, the man who would become her beloved husband and benefactor. This new collector's edition includes additional photos from her family's private collection, many never before published.

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