IndigiMatch: A Native American Matching Game

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IndigiMatch, a Native American matching game for young people! Featuring Native American/Indigenous heroes from both past and present, this matching game brings together joyous and friendly illustration in a simple game for all the kiddos.

The game features 24 (twenty-four) square cards (two cards of each hero), easy for small hands to grasp and manipulate.

The following heroes are included, you can learn more about each HERE:

Deb Haaland - Congresswoman

John Trudell - Activist and award-winning musician

Quanah Parker - Leader of the Comanche

Sacagawea - Guide, translator, and ambassador

Annie Wauneka - US Medal of Honor recipient

Maria Tallchief - Prima ballerina

Sitting Bull - Leader of the Lakota People

Jim Thorpe - Greatest athlete of the 20th century

Nancy Ward - Beloved woman and peacemaker

Wes Studi - Award winning actor

Popé - Leader of the Pueblo Rebellion

Joy Harjo - Poet Laureate of the United States

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