Manga: Complete Manual of Techniques: Drawing, Inking, Fillings, Comics

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An easy method to make you an artist.

This manual is a guide to learning to draw in a style that belongs to Manga. We have devised techniques to create drawings according to our method: functional and straightforward. By following the manual, you can create works that are part of the Manga Style.
We created an educational path to allow fans of all levels to develop accurate and well-made drawings. This path will follow who approaches Japanese drawing for the first time and those who already have some experience. Each part shows useful tools for the topics covered, and demonstrations. With step-by-step examples, it will be possible to practice and make a self-assessment to get concrete results.
The entire manual develops by increasing the difficulty of topics, from the basic drawing to coloring. The complex techniques will be presented after the basic ones. It is also possible to start the course from the desired level by choosing a manual among the 3 that compose the whole path: the drawing is the first step, the inking and fillings are the second and the third is about comics and it is the most difficult one. However, to attend the entire course you may prefer the complete manual, which collects all topics. If you practice the examples described step-by-step, you will progressively realize more and more complex drawings.
The strengths of this manual, profitable for anyone who wants to learn how to draw correctly, is the presentation of fast and straightforward techniques for highly effective results, designed for this purpose and tested during the courses. Deepening the drawing contents can lead to complex concepts; the only way to deal with them and make the study easier is to create clear examples and introduce techniques that can be used by anyone and produce results.
It is possible to learn how to draw even complex subjects easily. Who does not know how to draw will learn to do it easily, and the experts will finally discover the details that will make them a professional!

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