Cindy Coyote Trickster Extraordinaire #1

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PRESALE Exclusive Edition! Only 500 will be printed!

What's a Native high schooler supposed to do when you have to save the world but you still have math homework?

The newest release from ATCG Media gives us the story of Cindy Wildhorn, an above-average Native high school student who just so happens to be the daughter of the famous trickster, Coyote! When dark forces begin to emerge, it's up to Cindy to bring all her skills to bear and help save her town and, possibly, the world!

Written by Dr. IndigiNerd - Lee Francis and featuring illustrations by Robert Lopez, this new story from is a fun and exciting addition to the Native comics sphere.

Each is numbered and signed and comes with two exclusive IPX24 Twins stickers.

Get your copies today (estimated shipping begins May 31st)!

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