Bold Crossings

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Based on true tales of survival and adventure, a settler boy's journal, and the tape-recorded reminiscences of a venerable Comanche woman, "Bold Crossings" is the multicultural story of early teens who survive countless hardships and buck traditions as they come of age on the deadly plains of 1830's Texas.

Malcolm Hornsby is a lanky 13-year-old who longs for more than life on a farm. More than anything, he wishes to read books and work with his hands at modern machines of iron and steel. Instead, he travels with his family 800 miles, from bucolic Mississippi to the middle of the most hostile territory in America and home to the Penatuka, fiercest of the Comanche bands.

Wukubuu is a Penatuka of 13 full seasons who prefers the hunt and ways of healing to the tedium of working skins. After one too many adventures goes wrong, she loses hope of ever seeing her family and band again. That is, until she crosses paths with a lanky 13-year-old Taiboo who is good with his hands and simple machines…including locks.

Get ready to experience the 19th century like never before in this uniquely American historical novel. Author Lance Elliot Osborne has masterfully crafted this book with thorough research and compelling storytelling. "Bold Crossings" is a must-read book filled with timeless themes that transcend any era of history.

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