ᎦᎸᎶᎯ (Sky)

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“I promised I would not tell the story about my strange friend until my journey was nearing its end.” Thus begins the latest release from ATCG Media, a Cherokee story of love and horror told through words and art.

ᎦᎸᎶᎯ (Sky), the first full length release from award-winning artist, Roy Boney Jr., tells the story of a boy who learns his lineage is not what he expected. The story is rooted in Cherokee storytelling traditions with a dash of European literary horror wrapped up in the passion and lyricism of Boney's art. It is a tale for adults and children alike and highlights the brilliance of Cherokee fantasy.

Included with the book are a section of illustrations from Boney’s Daily Sketches, an artist challenge he began in 2012 and has continued throughout the past decade. Most of these original works have sold out in minutes through Boney’s social media pages.

Available in Limited Edition Hardcover and Trade Paperback!

***Limited edition Hardcover!***

We are offering a limited number of Exclusive Hardcover Bundles which include a hardcover book, hand-signed exclusive bookplate, and sticker pack. These hardcovers are limited to only 500 copies and will not be reprinted!



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