Our statement on Shipping and Order Fulfillment
Hello and Happy Holidays to you all!
As many of you are aware, these are unprecedented times, and this continues to manifest in what is happening to the shipping industry. 
All the major shipping companies, including the Postal Service, are significantly backlogged. Because of this, we now find ourselves short of stock that had been arriving on time in the summer and fall. 
Even with our best planning and estimates, we find ourselves now short stocked because the country's shipping infrastructure has ground to a halt.
With so many of you buying Native and supporting Native creatives, we find ourselves in a bit of a bind to get all our orders completed. So here is what we can state to all of you now.
We can offer you three options regarding your orders:
  1. We can give you a direct refund. While we would like to get the books to you, we totally understand the current situation and want to do the best to remedy the issue.
  2. We can ship a partial order. We will ship whatever we have currently from your order and send on the remaining items once they arrive in the shop. Note: we still cannot be sure they will arrive in time for Christmas, but we will send them as expedited as possible. If you only have one item in your order that we are waiting on, options 1 or 3 will obviously be the best.
  3. We will send on your entire order as soon as everything arrives. The order may arrive in January sometime, though we do not know an exact date just yet. -- *If you choose this option, there is no need to send us a response; we will ship everything for you when it is ready!
Please know that we are working diligently to get everything out the door as soon as we have the full orders in-house. We will continue working right up to the holiday and will continue until all the orders are fulfilled. 
Again, we want to give our sincere apologies for this unexpected turn of events. Much as we have throughout this past year, we are learning to adapt and get stronger going forward. 
All in all, we hope for your grace and understanding. We extend our full gratitude and thanks for supporting Native creatives this holiday season.
If you have any questions or wish to contact us about your order (the options above), please email us at shopkeep@redplanetbnc.com
Da'wah'eh and all our best!
Lee Francis 4
Founder & CEO, Red Planet Books & Comics
Albuquerque, NM, USA